HF trade groups, regulators call truce: peace breaking out on several fronts

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We were in Chicago earlier today (Tuesday) at the Managed Funds Association’s Forum 2009.  “MFA” used to stand for “Managed Futures Association”.  So as you’d expect from a Chicago-based meeting of this group, there were plenty of CTAs and global macro managers discussing trend following and pork bellies.

But not far beneath the surface of nearly every session was the 800 pound gorilla in the room: the ongoing saga of hedge fund regulation around the world (see our category by that name at right, or our research dossier containing over 60 critical documents on the topic).

The days when hedge funds and regulators squared off in a perennial grudge match seem to be long gone.  Phil Goldstein, the colourful and tenacious advocate of hedge funds, who challenged and beat back the SEC’s 2006 attempt at regulation, has been replaced by the more sanguine approach taken by the MFA’s Richard Baker and AIMA’s Andrew Baker (no relation – but bizarre coincidence nonetheless we note).

Both groups, along with a smattering of others in Washington DC, have stepped up their educational efforts on Capitol Hill this year.  The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that, More…

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