Search Results Exclusive: Excerpt from new book “Top Hedge Fund Investors: Stories, Strategies, and Advice”

July 11th, 2010 | Filed under: Featured Post, Today's Post

A new book out this week chronicles the colourful personalities that helped to build the hedge fund industry we know today.

An Alternative Richter Scale

April 27th, 2010 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Industry Trends, Today's Post

Alexander Ineichen, the Jon Stewart of the alternative investment industry, once again uses humor to tell the truth.

A new round of short-sale bans sure to ire the hedge fund industry, but do they work?

March 7th, 2010 | Filed under: Hedge Fund Regulation, Today's Post

Debate still rages over whether efforts to curb short-selling in the dark days of 2008 were fair and effective. With the SEC and others now putting into effect new, more permanent rules governing short sales, the question has re-surfaced.

The Ineichen Dialogues Act III: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

December 31st, 2009 | Filed under: Featured Post

By: Alexander Ineichen. Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a bear named Winnie-the-Bear who lived in the Trillion Acre Wood. On some level, he was a silly old bear. Nevertheless, he was wondering what the fuss about hedge funds was all about. He invited his two best friends, George Jones, the [...]