News, Journals & Blogs

Asset Management Oriented Journals

There are a myriad of academic and practitioner oriented journals covering investment issues.  Listed below are the Journals that we feel are most likely to cover the asset management issues contained on this website.

Hedge Fund News Websites

  • Albourne Village: News, service provider listings, research library, jobs, message board.  Grand daddy of hedge fund websites.  Bills itself as an “information economy” for members of the hedge fund industry
  • Barclay Hedge Press Releases
  • EurekaHedge: News, original articles, hedge fund database
  • FinAlternatives: News, articles, research library, searches, service directory, free newsletter.  One of our favorites.
  • News, hedge fund directory, service provider listings, jobs, industry data/information
  • Manager database, news, free weekly newsletter
  • HedgeWeek: News, jobs, extensive industry research, extensive service provider directory
  • Hedgeworld: Extensive news, hedge fund database, service provider listings, for-fee newsletter
  • Hedge Fund Center: US-focused news, research library, message board
  • Hedge Fund Law Report: Weekly analysis of developments in hedge fund law and regulation, by subscription
  • Hedge Fund Research: Hedge fund database, for-fee articles/reports
  • Hedge Funds Review: UK-focused magazine, news, original articles
  • HFM Week: UK-based magazine, news, original articles, searches, service provider listing
  • Opalesque: Extensive news clippings and original content covering various issues of interest to hedge fund managers, for-fee
  • Pensions & Investments: Prestigious website that delivers news, research and analysis about pension investing

Our Favorite Blogs

Blogs are a tremendous source of information.  Below, we list just a few of our favorites along with a sentence from each on how those blogs describe themselves:

  • Abnormal Returns: “This blog began as an outlet for a private investor’s thoughts on all manner of investment markets.”
  • Advisor Perspectives: “…provides data showing the investment trends of high- and ultra-high net worth investors, whose money is managed by fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisors.”
  • The Big Picture: “[Barry Ritholz is] a frequent commentator on CNBC, Barry L. Ritholtz is a weekly guest on Kudlow & Company. He has guest-hosted Squawk Box on numerous occasions, and also appears regularly on Bloomberg, Fox, and PBS.”
  • CXO Advisory: “ offers serious private investors, financial advisors and others information that may assist in investing and trading decisions.”
  • FT Alphaville:”FT Alphaville is a free daily news and commentary service giving financial market professionals the information they need, when they need it.”
  • “By plowing through hundreds of filings a day (more during certain times of the year) and delivering original insight and analysis, has become a must read for professional money managers and analysts, as well as sophisticated individual investors and even a few journalists who often have very nice things to say about the site.”
  • “…straight forward educational pieces on hedge fund strategies, terms & definition, trends, book reviews and interviews.”
  • Hedge Fund Appraisal: Views on various topics related to the appraisal of hedge fund products; covers subjects like investment risks, operational risk, fraud risk and regulation.
  • An alternative investments blog written by European lawyer, Robert Koller-Vernot, CAIA
  • Pension Pulse: “…a one stop center for information and insight pertaining to pension funds and financial markets.”
  • Pension Risk Matters: “…an independent information services, research/analysis and training company for the pension community.”
  • Phorgy Phynance: Where physics meets finance. An alternative view of the markets from a quant’s perspective, written by Eric Forgy, PhD, CAIA.
  • The Research Puzzle: “…musings and questions that are intended to make you think about the puzzles that are in front of you, and to adopt a fresh approach to their solutions.”