Asset Managers

Morgan Stanley Investment Management

From corporate website:  Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s alternative investment offerings span a wide range of disciplines, including hedge funds and funds of funds; absolute return strategies; real estate; senior loans; structured products; and private equity, which encompasses direct investments, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts and infrastructure

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Diversified Global Asset Management

From corporate website: Diversified Global Asset Management Corporation (DGAM) is an active manager of funds of hedge funds. Our performance-driven services are appropriate for sophisticated investors who understand the risks of hedge fund investing.  We construct well-diversified portfolios and seek to minimize risks during normal and crisis markets. Our goal is absolute returns under any market condition. We search for additional risk-adjusted returns by sourcing alpha through multiple hedge fund strategies applied across a broad range of asset classes.

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Bridgewater Associates

From corporate website: It is in Bridgewater’s DNA to innovate, unshackled by conventions. As a result, over the last 30 years, Bridgewater has pioneered several investment strategies, including currency overlay management in the 1980s, the separation of alpha and beta in the early 1990s and inflation-linked bond management in the mid 1990s. Bridgewater began managing assets in its optimal alpha strategy Pure Alpha® in 1991 and its optimal beta strategy All Weather® in 1996.  Bridgewater currently manages $140 billion in global investments for a wide array of institutional clients, including foreign governments and central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations. Bridgewater has 500 employees and is based in Westport, Connecticut.

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Barclays Global Investors

From corporate website: Barclays Global Investors transformed the investment industry by creating the first index strategy in 1971 and the first quantitative active strategy in 1978. After more than three decades-and with one of the best long-term track records of any active manager-we remain a leader in creating investment solutions that consistently deliver on their promise. This success has helped us become one of the largest asset managers in the world. We invite you to explore this site and learn how BGI can help you meet your investment objectives.

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Analytic Investors

From corporate website: Analytic Investors is widely recognized for a commitment to innovative investment research, disciplined quantitative methods and an ability to implement sophisticated trading and portfolio management strategies. Our institutional heritage and time-tested strategies complement a variety of investment objectives in today’s increasingly complex global arena.

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Other Asset Managers

First Quadrant

Goldman Sachs (Active Alpha Investing)

Integra Capital (Alpha Beta Strategies)

Morgan Stanley (Alternative Investment Partners – Portable Alpha)

Northwater Capital


Research Affiliates

RMF (Portable Alpha)

State Street Global Advisors (Absolute Return)

Strategic Group

Fitzpatricks Financial Advisers

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