Clifford Asness

Co-founder, AQR Capital.  Was Managing Director and Director of Quantitative Research for the Asset Management Division at Goldman Sachs.  Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Chicago. Eugene Fama’s student and teaching assistant.

Applied Quantitative Research
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Peter Bernstein

Although technically an investment practitioner, Bernstein’s significant contribution to the field of investing takes the form of his two chronicles of modern finance: Capital Ideas and the recently released Capital Ideas Evolving.  In these books, he accomplishes the previously unthinkable: 500+ pages of financial history and theory with zero pages of mathematical formulas.

Peter L Bernstein Inc. (publisher of Economics & Portfolio Strategy)
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MarketWatch Interview re: Capital Ideas Evolving
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Angelo Calvello

Former Executive VP, North America, Man Investments.  Six years with State Street Global Advisors where he helped build the firm’s portable alpha and hedge fund businesses.

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Jack Coates

Head of Portable Alpha, Managing Director, Portable Alpha Team, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners.  Former head of pension plan for Weyerhaeuser.

Morgan Stanley AIP Portable Alpha
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Alexander Ineichen

Managing Director and Senior Investment Officer at UBS Alternative Investment Solutions. Author of Absolute Returns & Asymmetric Returns.  Board of Directors of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIAA).

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UBS Alternative & Quantitative Investments
Asymmetric Returns (2006)
Absolute Returns (2002)
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Lars Jaeger

Partner and Head of the alternative beta strategies, Partners Group, Switzerland.  Author of several leading hedge funds publications.

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Eric Sorensen

President and Chief Executive Officer of PanAgora, and a member of the firm’s Investment and Management Committees.  Prior to joining PanAgora, was the Chief Investment Officer of Structured Equity, and Director of Quantitative Research at Putnam Investments.

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Barton Waring

Managing director and head of the Client Advisory Group at Barclays Global Investors.  Previously, head of Ibbotson Associates.

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