Axioma: Make Only the Bets You Intend to Make

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We spoke recently to Dr. Sebastián Ceria, the Chief Executive Officer of Axioma Inc., the software development firm known for its Axioma Portfolio Optimizer and the daily updates to its Axioma Robust Risk Models. Dr. Ceria (pictured) founded Axioma in 1998. He told us, “The first thing that is true of all entrepreneurs is craziness; we never know what we’re getting into.” He was inspired he said, by the increasing use in the 1990s of computer software for supply-chain management logistics. He was an Associate Professor of Decision Risk and Operations at Columbia Business School at the time, but he wondered, “Why not try to replicate that for the financial sector?”

Ceria was joined for our talk by Melissa Brown, Axioma’s Senior Director, Marketing, and Chris Canova, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. Brown is a former managing director and head of institutional business at Wintrust Capital Management. She also worked for 10 years at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Canova is a member of the Chicago Quantitative Alliance and, before coming to Axioma in 2006, he worked in various client support roles at Barra, subsequently MSCI Barra.


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