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Cinnober Financial Technology AB, the Stockholm-based firm best known for its TRADExpress platform and accompanying software serving a variety of marketplace and clearing roles, recently delivered a new market-monitoring system to the Qatar Exchange. The system, known as Scila Surveillance, has its own fascination as a sign of the times in a world from which the human touch is disappearing.

Though the software in question is actually developed and maintained by Scila AB, in which Cinnober has just a minority stake, Cinnober has an exclusive distribution agreement.

Scila Surveillance creates alerts to detect abnormal market behavior. Although the version now in place at QE is customized for that exchange, Scila Surveillance as a technology is also in use at the Deutsche Börse, Eurex, and the Oslo Börs.

Market Surveillance

Cinnober describes Scila as offering “a rich graphical interface for the surveillance of the market” built around real-time display of trade data and related information; a set of alerts for the detection of abnormal activity in real time; and a set of reports that provide analytical statistics to selected users.


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