OTC Derivatives: Terrain Shifts to Favored Emerging Market Jurisdictions

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Celent has issued a report on the over-the-counter derivatives markets in Asia and Latin America. It contends that the central clearing of OTC derivatives will become a common feature of markets in those regions in the months and years to come, indeed, that a number of central counterparty clearinghouses will come on-line as early as later this year, and Celent senior analyst Anshuman Jaswal suspects this will change the geography of the markets.

The report begins with a comparison of the turnover across the global emerging and advanced markets. Asia represents roughly 70 percent of the turnover of the OTC derivatives market in the emerging markets nations, Latin America 20 percent. Jaswal says that economic growth in the emerging markets of the two regions under study is “ideally suited to the greater adoption of OTC derivatives.”

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