Fine Print As Yet Unwritten, But the Gist is Clear for OTC Derivatives

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By Christopher Faille

TABB has put out a report on the development of clearing technology for over-the-counter derivatives, called “OTC Derivative Clearing Technology: Bringing the Backoffice to the Forefront,” which projects that sell-side institutions and other market participants will in 2011 alone spend more than $12 billion on technologies related to clearing. This sum includes expenditures on trade matching, valuation, novation, trade accounting, reporting, and processing. The part of that pie related to OTC derivatives is the largest slice.

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Author Bio:
Christopher Faille is a Jamesian pragmatist. William James has taught him, for example, that "you can say of a line that it runs east, or you can say that it runs west, and the line per se accepts both descriptions without rebelling at the inconsistency."

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