What do we want? Transparency! When do we want it? Now!

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One could hardly call their protests cacophonous, but hedge fund investors have certainly made it clear how they aren’t going to back down on a fight against transparency, i.e. investors getting a close look at what the guy or gal they’re handing over millions to is doing with the cash and what they’re paying those hefty fees for.

Regardless, transparency is what investors are after and finally getting, judging by the litany of surveys and research reports of the last few months that suggest not only higher demands on the investor side but more concessions on the fund manager side. The latest salvo, a survey of the future of the global fund management industry by Scandia Investment Group (click here to download the full report; click here to download the summary press release), hits as several demands hedge fund managers can and should expect from their investors headed into 2011. Naturally, transparency is a ready source of ammunition.


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