Springtime for M&A in alternative investments?

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Springtime for Hitler is the satirical opening number to Mel Brooks’ classic movie The Producers, where the juxtaposition of dancing stormtroopers both horrifies and entertains at the same time.

Springtime for mergers in acquisitions in the alternatives space could potentially be a spiritual sequel: on the one hand almost satirical to think about, given the financial battle the world has just gone through and at the same time the optimism that asset managers are once again attracting buyers, even after being perceived as having lost the battle.

According to the latest M&A report by Jefferies’ Financial Institutions Group, it’s not satirical at all to be at least somewhat optimistic that the long, dark winter of zero M&A activity is over, or at least on its way back, if current trends continue (click here to download the full report; click here to read the press release).


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  1. […] Another compelling reason for the M&A uptick is that hedge fund principals who didn’t get out before the global economic downturn now have a chance to sell their firms and cash out – something that wasn’t easy when times were good but was all but impossible after the market crash and Great recession. The chart below shows the percentage of independent divestitures in the asset management space.– AllAboutAlpha Blog 8/31/2010 […]

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