All clear folks: It’s safe to go back in now

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Most are aware by now that the money that flew out of the hedge fund industry faster than the patrons who ran for the exits after Abraham Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre are slowly starting to venture back into the space.

Still shell-shocked and weary and certainly more cautious than before the “incident,” investors, in particular pension funds and other large institutions, are plunking money back down on the table.

Indeed, according to Credit Suisse Group AG’s latest survey of institutional investors, hedge fund assets could return to pre-financial-crisis levels by the end of this year. The survey of 600 institutional investors around the world that hold more than $1 trillion in assets suggests that global assets could grow by as much as 25% from $1.6 trillion at the end of 2009, which would put the total close to the pre-recession level of nearly $2 trillion. More…

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