From Altruism to Alternative Investment: The “Three Pillars” of a carbon markets institution

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Among the television ads that book-ended this year’s U.S. Super Bowl extravaganza, Audi’s Green Car commercial truly stood out, not for the beautiful car or the amazing scenery but for its apt, modern-day take on the no-littering, no-polluting, no composting, no carbon-foot printing world we all now try, as much as we can, to live in.

Some iconic snapshots: A man pulled out of his home by a squad team for not composting a rind; another man arrested for choosing plastic over paper; a cop pulling over two other cops for using Styrofoam cups; and last but not least, an Audi A3 clean diesel driver allowed to pass an “eco” road blockade for not fouling up the air with noxious fumes – all to the tune of a song entitled “The Green Police.” More…

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