The Ineichen Dialogues Act III: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

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LifeBy: Alexander Ineichen.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a bear named Winnie-the-Bear who lived in the Trillion Acre Wood. On some level, he was a silly old bear. Nevertheless, he was wondering what the fuss about hedge funds was all about. He invited his two best friends, George Jones, the famous hedge fund manager, and Ben Put, the famous academic and central banker since the 1980s, to the Trillion Acre Wood for a third chat on hedge funds (Act 1, Act 2).

Winnie-the-Bear: Thanks again for joining me. Hedge funds were unduly demonized. I think I got that. But what really is a hedge fund?

Ben Put: Hedge funds are mysterious investment pools for well-heeled investors, who seek very high returns by taking very great risks. Hedge funds are run by sinister men who go around kicking dogs, taking candy from babies, and making massively leveraged bets in the equity markets.


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