Hedge fund databases capture 61% more funds than last year

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An update to a story we carried last week on hedge fund databases….

Hedge fund analytics company PerTrac released the results of their 2006 survey of hedge fund databases today.  Apparently the world’s hedge fund database providers have surveyed a lot of hedge funds over the past year.  PerTrac recorded a massive 61% jump in the number of funds tracked vs. the same study a year ago (20,000 vs. 12,000, counting each fund class separately).  Meredith Jones, Managing Director and Head of Global Marketing at PerTrac tells AllAboutAlpha that this can be attributed to both industry growth and more comprehensive data collection.

Counting duplicate records, the twelve (12) databases analyzed by PerTrac captured 56,000 fund records, an increase of 15,000 over last year.  Removing duplicates, PerTrac estimates there are approximately 15,000 single-manager funds and funds-of-funds in the world today, managed by around 5,000 firms.


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