Hedge Funds on the “Global Agenda” at Davos

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The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is a media outlet’s dream.  With hundreds of CEOs, academics, public figures and leaders of civil society in one place, interviews are easy to set up and chance meetings in the hallway are common.  So with the surfeit of news and blog postings already covering Davos, we have (so far) been a Davos-free zone.  But we make an exception here.

January 26 – The goal of the WEF is to help solve complex multi-sector (private/public/NGO) problems on the “global agenda”.  Hedge fund issues have not typically had the geopolitical or social policy implications of, say, terrorism or climate change.  Until recently – as regular people (e.g. pensioners whose nest-eggs were partly invested in Amaranth) have become affected.

So on Friday, January 26, a session was held on the apropos topic of hedge fund transparency.  Panelists included John Mack (Morgan Stanley), John Thain (NYSE), Henri-Paul Rousseau (CDP) among others.  According to the conference programme:


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