130/30 and Alternative Beta Indices

Listed below are a sample of various 130/30 and alternative beta (“hedge fund replication”) products & indexes and their Bloomberg ticker symbols if available.  These names and links are provided for your information only. AllAboutAlpha.com does not endorse any particular product.  This list is by no means exhaustive, so suggestions are welcome (please email us).

130/30 Products & Indices

  • S&P 130/30 Index (SPSLUSD:IND)
  • KEYnotes ETNs Linked to the First Trust Enhanced 130/30 Large Cap Index (JFT:US)
  • Credit Suisse 130/30 Index (CS13030)

Alternative Beta Products & Indices

North America

  • Goldman Sachs Absolute Return Tracker Fund (GARTX:US)
  • Merrill Lynch Factor Model (MLEIFCTR:IND)
  • Morgan Stanley Altera
  • JP Morgan Alternative Beta Index (ABI)
  • National Bank of Canada (Innocap)
  • Desjardins Global Asset Management Synthetic Alternative Investment Fund LP (DGAMSYNA:CN)
  • IndexIQ Alpha Hedge Index
  • Rydex Absolute Return Strategies (Morningstar)


  • Ice Capital Alternative Beta (website)
  • ING L INVEST Alternative Beta (INALTEI:LX)
  • Blue White Alternative Beta Fund (BLUWHTB:FH)
  • Partners Group ABS Gross PARGVG (PGABS:IND)
  • Deutsche Bank DB Absolute Return Beta (db-ARB) ETF (XBTA:GR)
  • Fulcrum Alternative Beta Plus Fund (FLCABIG:LX)
  • Societe Generale
  • Credit Suisse Long/Short Equity Replication Index (AIRI)